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We Inspire African executives/students/individuals/organizations to boldly reach for their dreams through unique and dynamic training workshops & webinars, lectures, executive coaching, mentoring and innovative advisory services onsite and online (through customized training via zoom on request).


In times of tempestuous cataclysms ordinary leaders with special skill sets can achieve extraordinary successes. What skill set should a leader covert to steer through this uncertain minefield?


A good board training program should develop broad-spectrum insights into corporate governance best practices - and how these can improve coherence in business direction and strategy, drive corporate responsibility, and improve organizational accountability for stakeholder confidence.


The skill set demanded in the current and future workspace is evolving constantly. Dexterity and lifelong learning are a must. Education systems and professional development approaches must keep abreast of the change. Change management and leadership imparts capacity to keep ahead of the change curve. .


The teamwork that results ensures the optimization of resources and aligns the project with the organizational vision. Project management minimizes or even eliminates resource waste by undergirding efficiency by proficiently managing change through feedback and feed forward learning loops.


Environments change, and suddenly the business model becomes anachronistic. Structures become roadblocks creating a bureaucracy that flies in the face of agility. Restructuring is a must for organizations to remain agile and fit-for-purpose.


Whether by use of actual people or artificial intelligence, organizations should be on top of financial issues all the time. Sloppy financial management has killed otherwise healthy organizations. The demand for financial mentorship will only become greater as unpredictability increases in the 4th industrial revolution.


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To Thrive In Business Today, You’ll Need Good Coaching

Training has a powerful Return on Investment. Sadly, most old school managers, view training as merely an expense. This may be true where training is haphazardly organized without any outcome in mind. Training should have a purpose. Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential part of every employee’s personal scorecard (PSC). Training to be effective must be tied to the attainment of objectives at the employee’s level.

These personal objectives must be cascaded from and hence aligned to the corporate objectives. Lifelong learning is not a cliché. In a constantly changing world, education is merely one step away from ignorance. Talent development means training and retraining, learning, unlearning, and relearning. This is an iterative double and triple-loop activity. To shortchange this is akin to cutting off your feet because shoes are too expensive! .

Everything starts and ends with leadership. Poor leadership is disastrous anytime, anyplace. It is said an army of donkeys led by a lion will beat an army of lions led by a donkey any time of day or night. A good proportion of people in leadership positions think they do not need training since they have arrived. Disastrous! They send their subordinates for training, but they will not attend.

Result: a team of lions led by a dinosaur! Frustration, staff turnover. Human experience management tracks an employee’s seamless journey from recruitment, onboarding to exit and even post-exit. A vital perspective for talent management that relies on experiential rather than only operational data..