Board competency

Board of directors training can help a board fulfill its role and make a real difference to an organization’s performance. Good board of directors training takes a practical and pragmatic approach – because every board has a unique role in organizational oversight and duty to stakeholders. Board composition and dynamics are critical to best operation. Within the framework of positive board culture, the board will leverage their diverse skill sets to excellent advantage. Board of directors training programs help build the skills for driving positive board culture - especially if undertaken as a team. The training will shed light on board-specific strategies to mitigate risk and maximize opportunities. A good board training program should develop broad-spectrum insights into corporate governance best practices - and how these can improve coherence in business direction and strategy, drive corporate responsibility, and improve organizational accountability for stakeholder confidence.

The Training
You develop the skill set, tools and frameworks for action plans to address challenges and boost your board’s performance. Board of directors training puts you in touch with the latest best practice research and offers evaluation of best practice boards.

The Audience
Those sitting on boards and all those aspiring to sit on boards of directors.