Human Experience Management (HXM)

Organizations have a problem on their hands that most are not even aware of. There is a gap between the experience of the employees according to the organization on the one hand, and employees experience as perceived by employees. Human Capital Management as constituted relies on operational data or statistics and records such as # interviewed; # recruited; # promoted: # trained; # resigned or # retired etc. no data exists from the employees’ perceptions at those important touch points in the employees journey. This program is an attempt to assist organizations identify the gaps and close them.

The Training
The training will impart skills to track employees’ experiences and adopt a holistic approach to talent management.

The Audience
HR executives/officers; managers with subordinates.

Other courses include:

  • 1. Values training.
  • 2. Senior management professional development.
  • 3. Managing Talent.
  • 4. Managing staff exit.
  • 5. The art of writing.
  • 6. Critical thinking skills.
  • 7. Managing the procurement function.
  • 8. Managing staff development.
  • 9. Public-Private-Partnerships.
  • 10. Finance for non-finance executives.
  • 11. Corporate finance.
  • 12. Financial Management.
  • 13. Trends in accounting and finance.
  • 14. Credit management.
  • 15. The management of Debt.